Muttsie on Socialism and Communism

In socialism the government owns the means of production (factories, stores, ECT.). In communism the government owns everything (homes, churches, schools, ECT. as well as the factories and stores). You can have varying degrees of socialism where the government owns or controls varying amounts of the means of production. The more the government owns or controls, the closer it gets to communism. The government does not have to own a factory or business outright to control it. It can do so by passing laws limiting what a company or business may or may not do. This also applies to privately owned property. The fewer laws there are controlling property or businesses, the less socialism and more freedom.

Muttsie on Rational vs. Emotional Thinking

Sometimes when we intend to do something we perceive as good, like banning guns, unintended consequences happen. An example would be when President Johnson created the “Great Society” in the 1960’s. The idea was to pay those in the inner city that did not have jobs until they could find work, thus welfare was born. However it was soon discovered that when someone was paid not to work there was no incentive to find work. The same was true when they paid unwed mothers so they could support their children since they had no father to do so, they just had more children. Thus we created a monster in the inner city (gangs, drugs, ECT.), all with good intentions. I believe there are two ways of thinking, rational and emotional. Rational thinking builds cities and puts men on the moon. Emotional thinking may create bar fights, spousal abuse and stupid acts. It would seem that rational thinking would make more sense, however we are emotional beings and we have no choice (besides life would be really boring without emotions). I think the founding fathers gave all of this a lot of thought when they drew up the Constitution. They realized there were good and bad people and they accommodated for that. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were only good people.